Want To Extend Your Driveway Or Add Another Parking Place? What To Do

Storing garbage bins and a recycling bin outside of your home when they have to sit in the dirt or grass can be a hassle. If your bins are difficult to move when it rains, they are damaging your grass or area around the outside of your home, and they are an eyesore, it's time to make some changes. You want to create a space that is dedicated to storage outside of the house, that looks good, and that is also convenient. Read More 

3 Purposes For Drilling Holes In Concrete

Concrete is typically meant to be a solid surface. People do not think about putting holes in concrete because most of the concrete they see every day does not have holes. It is a flat, poured surface on either a horizontal or vertical plane, or it is poured to create a cylinder. So, why on earth would any concrete contractor offer concrete drilling as a service? Actually, there may be a lot more holes in concrete around you every day than you realize. Read More 

A Guide To Using Self-Leveling Floor Resurfacer

The preparation needed for many flooring jobs can often be a bigger headache than the actual installation of the flooring product. For instance, if you are going to install a tile, laminate, hardwood, or vinyl floor over a concrete subfloor, you need to make sure that the concrete is perfectly level, or the material could end up being uneven and weak. Many of these products are actually very easy to install, even for DIYers. Read More 

How to Fill Foundation Cracks

Most concrete foundations can and will crack over the years. Most small cracks are insignificant and nothing to worry about. However, if the crack starts to grow, and penetrate through your entire slab of concrete, it can make the foundation  vulnerable to water leaks through the bottom. This could be particularly problematic foundations in basements. So, if you have exposed foundations in your basement or garage that are cracking, it could be very helpful if you seal them with crack filler. Read More 

How To Fill Concrete Cracks

Concrete, whether it is a wall, housing foundation, or driveway, is going to crack overtime.This is inevitable, and it is usually caused by the shifting of the soil underneath. Small cracks, which are usually just cosmetic, don't pose any structural problems to your concrete slab, but you probably still want to fix them immediately because they are unsightly. This article explains what supplies you need and the best steps for properly filling cosmetic concrete cracks. Read More